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Wellbeing Support

What support is available for my child’s overall wellbeing?

Each year group has a Year Lead and an Achievement Co-ordinator. Students also have a form tutor with whom they meet on a daily basis. Key workers are allocated to those students identified as requiring additional support. Students meet regularly with their key worker to discuss any issues and to ensure they succeed and make progress. Our Wellbeing Support Leads who are also Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) in school, support the emotional wellbeing of vulnerable young people across all year groups, and are responsible for all aspects of safeguarding within school.

If you have any concerns about the emotional wellbeing of your son / daughter please contact one of our Wellbeing Support Leads who will discuss the most appropriate way to access support.

Who should I talk to in school if I have Safeguarding concerns? Click here to see.



Students who are identified as requiring additional support with social and emotional needs are allocated support from Pathways. This is a small group within each year group which runs for 1 hour per week instead of a core PE lesson. Students in this group learn how to build healthy friendships, interact socially with their peers, manage their emotions, solve problems and keep themselves safe.  

Commissioned Service.

In addition to our Wellbeing and Pastoral teams, we also buy in specialist services to support students who have additional emotional wellbeing support needs.

School Nurses: We have two school nurses, Vicky Spiers-Lightowler & Louise Hacking, who come into school every Wednesday to offer three levels of support:

Group sessions - One group supports students to improve their self-esteem & confidence, the second group helps students to manage their emotions effectively. Students are referred to these groups by Miss Goodman where an additional need has been identified.

Lunchtime Nurse Drop In sessions - This is a confidential, self-referral service available to any student on a Wednesday lunchtime.

1 to 1 appointments - individual appointments with a nurse as a follow up to students attending Drop In or following referral by Miss Goodman. Appointments are sent out to students each week via Form Tutors.

CHEWs Counsellor: Liz Macleod comes into school every Thursday to work with students who have been referred for higher level counselling support. Referrals are made by Miss Goodman following consultation and consent being gained from parents.

How can parents support the emotional wellbeing of their son/daughter?

Pre-teen and teenage years can be stressful for both young people and their parents/carers. There are many changes during this time including hormones, physical appearance and social relationships. As a parent you can support your son/daughter in various ways.


Life is full of stressful situations and will have many high & low points. We all cope in different ways and with varying degrees of success. By helping your son/daughter to become more resilient you will help them cope more effectively and to recover from difficulties successfully. As parents we are often tempted to wrap our children in cotton wool, protecting them from all of the bad things in the world but this may actually cause problems as the child doesn't develop independent coping strategies. 10 simple things you can do to improve you son/daughter's resilience are:

 Online support:

Click on the links below to visit websites containing help and advice for emotional wellbeing / mental health issue:






If your son/daughter expresses a suicidal plan or attempts to take their life in any way, please take them to A&E immediately so that they can undergo an emergency specialist assessment by the CAMHS Crisis Team.