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Governing Body

The Governing Body of Whitcliffe Mount School work closely with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team to further enhance the quality of educational experience available to students. In our role as critical friends, Governors provide a combination of support and challenge to school leaders and staff in order to support continued improvement across all areas of school life, with a particular focus on outcomes for all of our students - both academic and personal.

In order to be an effective source of support and challenge, the Governing Body operates under a committee structure. All Governors serve on one committee and each member brings specific skills and experiences which add to the overall effectiveness of Governance in the school. The committees are made up as follows:

Resources Committee

Mr Charles Michael Dobson - Foundation Governor 

Mrs Donna Kingett - Parent Governor

Cllr John Lawson- Local Authority Governor

Mr Matthew McKirgan - Foundation Governor/Vice-Chair of Governors (Committee Chair)

Baroness Kathryn Pinnock - Co-opted Governor

Achievement Committee

Mr Richard Amos - Parent Governor/Chair of Governors

Miss Jennifer Templar - Headteacher

Mr Habib Ahmed - Staff Governor

Mrs Patricia Stevens - Parent Governor

Mrs Hannah Watson - Parent Governor (Committee Chair)

Wellbeing Committee

Mr Stephen Burnhill - Co-opted Governor 

Mr Craig Rika - Co-opted Governor (Committee Chair)

Mrs Sue Rumbold - Foundation Governor 

Mrs Jane Terry - Co-opted Governor

Ms Katie Wrench - Parent Governor


Record of the Governing Body Committee meetings are below, please click the link to view:

* Governing Body attendance record 2019-20

For further information regarding our School Governors:

Please click on the link below:

Whitcliffe Mount School Governing Body

For further information on what being a governor involves, please click on the link below for the National Governors Association website:



 Complaints Procedures:

This stage in our procedures deals with written complaints applies where you are not happy with the informal approach to dealing with your concern.   

1. Your written complaint should be sent to the school addressed to the Chair of Governors, marked “For the attention of the Chair of Governors”.    

2. The Chair of Governors will acknowledge receipt of your complaint in writing as soon as possible after receiving it.  This will be within three school days.    

3. The school will enclose a copy of these procedures with the acknowledgement.    

4. Normally the Chair of Governors/Chair of Governors’ Wellbeing Committee would expect to respond in full within 15 school days but if this is not possible, will write to explain the  reason for the delay and let you know when we hope to be able to provide a full response.  

5. As part of our consideration of your complaint, the Chair of Governors/Chair of Governors’  Wellbeing Committee may invite you to a meeting to discuss the complaint and fill in any details required. If you wish, you can ask someone to accompany you to help you explain the reasons for your complaint.   

6. The Chair of Governors/Chair of Governors’ Wellbeing Committee may also be accompanied  by a suitable person if they wish.  

7. Following the meeting, the Headteacher, Investigating Officer or Chair of Governors/Chair of  Governors’ Wellbeing Committee will, where necessary, talk to witnesses and take  statements from others involved.  If the complaint centres on a student, the situation may  be discussed with the student and, where appropriate, others present at the time of the  incident in question.  

8. We will normally talk to students with a parent/carer present, unless this would delay the  investigation of a serious or urgent complaint, or where a student has specifically said that  he or she would prefer the parent or carer not to be involved.  In such circumstances, we  will ensure that another member of staff, with whom the student feels comfortable, is present.