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“I’m a student currently in Year 7 at Whitcliffe Mount School. I came here from Scholes Village Primary School. Before I came here I was so excited but a little nervous about how life would be at high school. It’s a bigger school with a lot more children, I was worried that nobody was going to like me or if I would get bullied. I get on with people really well so I hoped to make some friends. I’ve been at Whitcliffe Mount nearly a year now, I’ve had some brilliant experiences; Team Building, School trips to Chester Zoo and next year Flamingo Land! I also like to spend a lot of time in the LRC where I eventually became a LRC Assistant. The teachers are so supportive and kind. Some are also really funny. They’ll understand if you’re late the first few days of school. If you’re worried there is lots of people you can talk to, like your Form or House Leader, Head of year or The Transition Leaders. There’s also the Head Boy and Girl and the Prefects. We can’t wait to welcome you here! For now, keep calm and don’t worry!”



"I was really nervous about coming to Whitcliffe Mount as my other two friends were going to different schools. I was friends with a few other people so at least I knew someone. I’m now friends with totally other people. All you really need to do is talk to people and you will become closer and closer. Teachers. Well each teacher teaches differently and you will eventually get used to the way they teach. Also depending on your behaviour also depends how the teacher thinks of you. You will get along with some and not with others. Getting lost. All of the classrooms are in a circle so if you are lost walk around in a circle until you get there. There is also signs pointing you the correct way. After school facility’s. There is after school activity’s every day for absolutely everything just about. They are all free as well. I do netball and I love it. Lessons. My favourite lesson is English and I think it’s the teacher because she is always there to help and is very funny and kind. My least favourite lesson is science because I don’t like the Bunsen burners but everything else is ok. Nothing has ever happened so it’s fine. Over all I know moving to high school is scary but I promise there is nothing to be scared about."



"When I first transitioned to Whitcliffe I refused to talk to anyone except my primary friends because I was so nervous as I'd never really talked to anyone who i didn't know. I was quite shy but after a week or so I found so many people who are now very close to me. When I'd made some friends, they introduced me to their friends and now I have a close circle of friends and it only took me two weeks."



"I felt nervous and excited because I thought I was going to get lost but after two weeks I knew my way around."



“When I first joined Whitcliffe I was very shy and nervous to talk to new people but I quickly found someone to talk to who was in all of my classes and in my form. My advice would be to try and talk to someone new and make a new friend in every lesson as then you will always have someone to talk to. I would also say as tempting as it is don't always stay with your primary friends as they might not be in many of your classes. My final piece of advice would be to join a club with your favourite sport as then if you talk to someone in there then you already now you have a common interest which gives you something to talk about.”



A few days before I started Whitcliffe I was a little nervous but on the big day I was just too excited to worry. On my first day I walked up with my best friend so we were not on our own. The good news about your first day is that it is just year sevens which means you are not as nervous. It also helps only having 2 lessons that day so you can get a good grip of how daily life is going to be. It is just the same as primary except you are now the youngest. it is easy to make new friends and when you need help teachers will be there for you.



The beginning!‚Äč All I can say is at first, I was so excited to get out of primary school and have a new challenge, but when it came to saying bye to my lifelong memories, I was hesitant and nervous. If you feel that way, Its normal but once you get showed around the school it is so easy to find your way and easy to make friends. For example all my best friends are from other primary schools except one person! All of the teachers are understanding. Making new friends is like finding bread in a supermarket! I was scared about making new friends but there's going to be 250 pupils in your year, and I guarantee 1 or 2 of them are going to like you for who you are! Finding your way around school is fun, there are loads of signs and you can chat to your friends on the way.



When I first started whitcliffe Mount I was really worried about finding my classes because it has a lot more rooms and and levels so it was quite overwhelming but then after the first couple of weeks I felt comfortable finding my way around the place. I was struggling to make friends at first but then during lessons I started to talk to people and then I was able to talk to people and be confident. It’s great that whitcliffe have so many great after school  activity’s from PE based to curriculum based which is great if you want to do extra study or just to have fun. At whitcliffe Mount I feel more confident than ever with the support of great friends and great teachers. I am sure that the new year 6’s will love whitcliffe as much as I do.



At the start of year 7 I was extremely nervous, it was a very different environment than my primary school and I struggled to find my way around and I also found it difficult to make friends. But then after a week or so, I found my way around and I started talking to people which I never thought I would do because in primary school I was very quiet and shy but now Whitcliffe Mount School has changed me into being more confident in myself, I am still sometimes quiet but not as much. I never thought I would love Whitcliffe as much as I do but now I have amazing friends and teachers that have supported me through this journey! I am sure the year 6s will love Whitcliffe mount and I hope that they feel welcome and at home when they join.