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What should I pack in my school bag?

School bag (minimum size to hold an A4 folder)


Planner (1st provided by school - 200 ePraise points/£2.47 to replace)


2 blue or black pens


2 green pens


HB Pencils


Glue stick




Pencil sharpener




Coloured pencils




Pencil case


A reading book


KS3 Achieve Workbook and Knowledge Organiser


Scientific Calculator (Sharp WriteView EL-W531TL)


Exercise books - cost of replacing £1
























Useful to have:

Pocket dictionary (we recommend Oxford Mini Dictionary and Thesaurus)


Bi-Lingual dictionary (we recommend Oxford School French or Spanish Dictionary) Y7 assigned to language at the beginning of term.












All equipment is available to buy on ePraise.






School Uniform

The school uniform was designed with the help of our students. It encourages students to look smart and feel part of the Whitcliffe Mount community. The uniform provides an element of choice. Students wear their uniforms to and from school and show that they are proud to be ambassadors of the school.

Our local supplier of all items of school uniform and PE Kit is SportsFX, 67-71 Northgate, Cleckheaton, BD19 3HZ (Telephone 01274 879569). Click here to visit the SportsFX website.



For all students:



PE Kit

Students who are unable to participate through injury:
• Students who have a medical reason for non-participation are required to bring a note in their planner excusing them from performing. For longer term non-participation, a medical note from from the doctor is required.
• Students excused from performing are still required to bring their kit, get changed and take a less active role in the lesson. For example, by refereeing, coaching, judging, analysing, timekeeping and helping to organise equipment. The reasons for this are outlined below:
◊ It creates a better learning atmosphere for all the students in the lesson and maintains a high standard of dress in PE lessons.
◊ Non-performers getting involved, as described above, enables them to increase their knowledge, learning and understanding.
◊ Non-performers may be able to participate in parts of the lesson when the injured body part is not used.

It gets students into the habit of always bringing their kit.
◊ It ensures all students are treated fairly and equally.
◊ Students are not standing outside in poor weather in their uniforms.
They can change back into dry, warm clothes after the lesson.
◊ Please note - It is unfair to ask students who are inactive to go outside in extreme weather. On these occasions, such students may join an indoor group, at the teacher’s discretion.

• The footwear in which students participate needs to be appropriate to the activity.
• Lightweight pumps with canvas uppers (which includes ‘Converse’ style shoes) do not provide sufficient grip, support, cushioning and protection. PE staff strongly recommend that a recognised sports trainer is worn.
• For lessons that take place on the grass, students must bring a change of footwear. The PE department recommends that studded footwear is worn for winter games activities.
• For gymnastics, students will participate in bare feet.
• It is not appropriate for students to wear their school shoes for Physical Education.
Additional clothing/equipment:
• In cold weather students may bring additional clothing to wear under the normal PE kit. Such items must be discrete - we recommend thin layers. Students will not be able to wear items that will restrict their movement. WMS beanie hats are also encouraged during cold weather. In wet weather, students can wear a WMS PE waterproof jacket as listed above.
• We recommend that students bring equipment to allow them to participate safely in particular activities. For example, gum shields, shin pads, etc.

• We recommend that, in colder weather, students wear their PE hoodies to give them extra warmth.
• Hoods may be worn up whilst they are walking to and from the teaching venue. However, hoods must be down during the lesson delivery. This is due to safety reasons as hoods will impair the student’s peripheral vision. This is important when participating in a fast moving activity, in order to avoid collisions.