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House System

The students at Whitcliffe Mount have notoriously always shown true grit and determination. They are competitive and display wonderful team spirit. In 2010 the House system was introduced to drive all of these wonderful, fundamental principles together and give a new team identity to our students. Staff and students were given the opportunity to vote on House names, it was overwhelmingly the names of the five founders of our school (John G Mowat, George Whiteley, J Walter Wadsworth, Reginald M Grylls and Will H Clough back in 1910). Both staff and students alike felt these founders should be integral to remember the history and most importantly the passion and determination for Whitcliffe Mount to exist.

Our Ethos

We support the school ethos of Enjoy, Achieve and Celebrate in all that we do. Our fortnightly assemblies and form activities are aspirational, fun and engaging. We cover a whole range of topics, from e-safety, ride to school day, Christmas fun, celebrating achievement, poverty, world hunger, We are Whitcliffe values. The students arrive excited expecting music, audience interaction and lots of prize giving events. Our Year 11 student leadership team is the driving force of our house system, they plan and lead assemblies, attend all school events and are an incredible addition to our team. These young people drive the younger students and their peers to collect credits to win prizes. 

The credit and collection of house points can be found by clicking here. The credits collected turn into online monetary value that the students can use to purchase a fantastic variety of rewards - please click here to log in.

The Team

The five house leaders are inspirational in their house roles; they work very closely with the student leadership team to drive the ethos of the house system forwards. There is a healthy competitive spirit between houses, each leader keen to win the coveted trophy at the end of the year.

  • Miss R Lenk - Head of Whiteley House
  • Miss A France-Smith - Head of Grylls House
  • Miss M Gregory - Head of Clough House
  • Miss P Johnson - Head of Wadsworth House
  • Miss Mozley - Head of Mowat House