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All Science subjects have revision guides available – these are written and prepared by CPG and are available for both the Combined and Triple Science AQA exam board. In addition to the revision guides, workbooks are also available which we would recommend.

We have created a comprehensive guide to support our student's revision for their GCSEs in science. These guides can be downloaded below.

The guide contains the following:

  • outline of the subject content and how it is assessed
  • useful revision links for each topic
  • past exam papers with mark schemes and walk-through videos for each paper
  • revision tips and techniques
  • step by step instructions to create a revision timetable

Students should be using the revision tips and techniques outlined in this guide to support their revision, using the information from their exercise books, the useful revision links and exam questions.

Please make sure that you select the correct one for the course that you are studying (Foundation, Higher, or Separate Sciences).

Recommended Revision Guides

Combined science revision guide and workbook: GCSE Combined Science AQA Revision Guide

Triple revision guides and workbooks: AQA Revision Guide

We would also recommend using this website for revision notes and past papers

We have also made a folder on the student shared area (on the school network which can be accessed through school computers) under Science called ‘GCSE SCIENCE REVISION 2022-23’. There is a wealth of revision power points and past papers on there for students to use. Students can bring in memory sticks to copy the folder to take home with them. We have also copied this folder on to MS Teams for every student in every class: MS Teams Folder

Staff have prepared AQA mini mocks amongst other resources which have been shared to all students via the shared area. In addition, there are also a number of online resource (paid and unpaid) you may wish to use. However, please use the AQA revision guides and departmental resources as a first point of reference.

SENECA Learning

An online revision tool based around the AQA syllabus. This is designed to test a student’s knowledge via an online quiz. This should only be done once the student has committed the knowledge to memory.

This is a third party revision site, it provides questions, worked examples and quick check quizzes to check understanding.

Download the How-to Guide for Your Course Below